A unique, one-of-a-kind aesthetic that's warm and soft to the touch.
Beautiful kitchen island and kitchen countertops in soapstone

Natural Stone with a Unique Aesthetic

Soapstone is a natural stone with a unique warm and soapy feel. It is a dense, non-porous stone and is the only natural stone not requiring a stone sealer to prevent staining. All soapstone surfaces have a matte finish that is typically black or dark green in hue. Soapstone is perfect for customer desiring a niche aesthetic.


Project Inspiration

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Soapstone fireplace surround with greenery insert



Soapstone peninsula with basket of lemons



Soapstone countertop with yellow daisies



The Perks

Why Choose Soapstone

One-of-a-kind aesthetic

Every piece of soapstone is unlike any other. The coloration is typically black to dark green with various veining types.

Unique Feel

Unlike other natural stones, soapstone has a warm, soapy feel.

Reduced Care & Maintenance

Soapstone is the only natural stone that does not require a stone sealer to prevent staining. Soapstone can be scratched, but scratches can be quickly hidden with mineral oil or soapstone wax.

Resistant to Heat & Chemicals

Soapstone is extremely resistant to heat and will not etch from chemicals. Soapstone is used in chemistry labs due to its resistance to harsh chemicals.


Soapstone can be used for indoor, outdoor, and fireplace applications.

Where to use

Soapstone Applications

Soapstone is commonly used in a variety of indoor and outdoor applications.
Kitchen countertops with soapstone
Soapstone Kitchen Island

Maintain the Look

Care & Maintenance

Care and maintenance of soapstone is for aesthetic purposes only. No actions are required for the health of the stone.


Any household cleaner can be used to clean soapstone surfaces.


Soapstone is a softer stone and will scratch from sharp or hard objects. Surface scratches can be easily hidden with the application of mineral oil or soapstone wax.

Oil & Wax

Customers can choose to leave Soapstone in its natural state or use mineral oil or wax to enhance the beauty. The first application of oil or wax will require additional attention but the process is fairly easy. The frequency of future applications will depend on the usage of the stone. Wax can be applied evenly across the surface and then wiped off to ensure the natural soapy feel returns.

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