A luxury natural stone with each slab truly being a work of art.
White quartzite countertops

Every Slab of Quartzite is a Work of Art

Formed in the Earth from high heat and pressure, each slab is truly a work of art. Compared to other natural stones like granite, quartzite offers more durability and less porosity while still providing a large range of colors and patterns. Choose quartzite if you are looking for a beautiful, one-of-a-kind natural stone.


Project Inspiration

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Dark quartzite dining table


Dining Table

White quartzite kitchen island


Kitchen Island

Light quartzite kitchen countertops



The Perks

Why Choose Quartzite

One-of-a-kind aesthetic

Each slab of quartzite is completely unique with its own colors and patterns. When selecting quartzite, you are choosing a one-of-a-kind stone slab.

Variety of Colors

Quartzite can be found with a wide variety of colors and patterns. We recommend viewing quartzite in person to find the perfect piece for your project.


Quartzite is a low-porosity, high-durability natural stone that is resistant to both scratching and heat.

Reduced Care & Maintenance

Quartzite needs to be sealed occasionally, but it is considered relatively low maintenance compared to other natural stones.

Where to use

Quartzite Applications

Quartzite is commonly used in indoor applications.
Kitchen countertops and kitchen island with quartzite
Quartzite | Yosemite

Maintain the Look

Care & Maintenance


Utilize soap and a dish cloth for regular cleaning of the stone.


Quartzite needs to be sealed with a natural stone sealant. The frequency of sealing will vary based on use and the specific stone slab selected.

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